5 Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise5 Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

When we were growing up, there were three things that our parents (and teachers) told us that we needed to get a lot of sleep, the right foods, and exercise. Yet as many of us got older and our schedules became more demanding, it was pretty easy to overlook the exercise part.

If you can personally relate, this article is just for you. That’s because we are going to share with you five good reasons why, no matter how taxing your schedule may be, it is absolutely imperative that you incorporate exercise into your weekly regimen.

If you’re curious to know about some of the major health benefits that come with exercising on a regular basis are, 

we’ve got five of them for you below:


  • Manages weight issues. 

5 Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Whether you’re significantly overweight or you’d simply like to lose a couple of pounds, exercising can help you to reach your weight loss goal. That’s because when you’re working out, in elevates your metabolism and ultimately helps you to burn calories and pounds. According to a lot of personal trainers, working out for 30-45 minutes each day is a great way to lose and manage your weight in a healthy kind of way.

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  • Combats diseases


5 Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

 Say that you’re someone who has diabetes or high cholesterol levels. If this is the case, you can be pretty certain that your doctor is going to put you on an exercise regimen. That’s because it’s proven that individuals who exercise on a consistent basis are able to increase their blood flow; when this happens, they are better able to combat many different kinds of diseases.


  • Increases energy levels

5 Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

    Are you low on energy? If so, while you could drink several cups of coffee or have an energy drink, a much better approach is to exercise. Whether it’s doing some cardio, strength training or even low-impact exercising like yoga or water aerobics, exercising not only boosts muscle strength but also helps to build up your endurance as well. The after-effects of both is that you start to see a significant increase in energy.

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    • Reduces stress


      5 Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

      If you were to consult with a training company like Fit to You about some fitness tips that are directly related to the benefits of engaging in regular exercise, one of the things that they will probably mention is the fact that exercise is a great way to reduce stress. And, being that stress is one of the leading causes of all physical issues, this is a good thing to know.


      • Improves sleep conditions 


        5 Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

        Are you someone who has trouble sleeping? If so, then you should try doing some cardio. We say this because there are many studies to support the fact that individuals who do things like put their body on a sleep schedule, avoid eating an hour before bedtime and yes, also workout on a consistent basis are able to fall asleep quicker and more soundly.

        So, as you can see, exercise is one of the best things that you can do for yourself for a myriad of reasons. For information on exercises that are great for the body, visit Greatist and put “exercises you can do anywhere” in the search field.

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