9 Reasons To Visit Fiji
The beauty of Fiji can’t be emphasized enough until you have seen it with your own eyes. Once you have been to Fiji, you will feel enamored by what you see around you. Sometimes, Fiji does look too good to be true, but you will never know until you have stepped foot on the island of Fiji and experience this journey for yourself. To be fair, no one needs a reason to be in Fiji, because one reason isn’t enough! Ten reasons pretty much simplify why a trip to Fiji is needed in this lifetime so that you don’t end up remembering Fiji as a bottle of water that is available at the store nearest to you.

1. Drowning in Nature At the Jungle

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Fiji has some of the most beautiful jungles you will see on earth. To make your journey even more fun surrounded by nature, there’s a way to just take a walk through a jungle, especially if you are in Nadi.

2. Waterfalls

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One of the most beautiful sights you will see in Fiji is at the Bouma National Heritage Park, where there are 60-foot-high cliffs waterfalls. As good as these waterfalls look on the outside, it’s even better when you take a dip in them!

3. Hiking

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By now you can expect that most things in Fiji are unlike any other places on earth. The same goes for hiking in the rainforests in Fiji. It is certainly quite an adventure to be part of, especially if you are hiking to the beautiful peaks of the Yasawa Islands.

4. At the Beach

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If you are a beach person, you will love what the Fijian beaches have to offer. There’s a whole range of fun underwater activities that you can be parts of, such as snorkeling and diving. Underwater is where you will be spoiled for choices on what to explore as there are the soft coral reefs and a variety of colorful fishes, like starfish, octopus and reef sharks, which can be found. Early morning is better to explore such activities as the water is calmer, which makes it easy and smooth to see everything. It’s a great experience and it will be your loss if you leave Fiji without trying any of these beach activities.

5. Ability to Feel on Top of the World

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People like to be welcomed with smiling and happy faces everywhere they go. Sadly, this does not happen at home, but it does happen in Fiji. If you are traveling to places like Mantray Island, you will be welcomed by probably the whole neighborhood as you step foot on the island. It’s a nice way to feel on top of the world and that too, far away from home. The people of Fiji are always happy to make your stay pleasant in Fiji, which makes generosity one of the most attractive features of the Fijian people. You will be certainly overwhelmed and will find it hard to go back home!

6. Easy Access to Fiji


It’s not that hard to get to Fiji. You can either go by air or by sea and whichever way you choose, it’s quite a pleasant journey. If you are already visiting Australia or New Zealand, then you can take a few days and hop on to the nearest flight to Fiji. It’s definitely worth it as in more ways than one, you get to experience things in Fiji that Australia doesn’t offer.

7. Bon Seafood Appetit

While in Fiji, it is good to be involved in as many activities as possible because you need to build up an appetite to taste the best seafood that you will ever have in your life. In Fiji, the seafood tastes even better if you are having it in front of the beach, especially at night. If you enjoy spicy food then there’s no better place to be as there are varieties of curries in the cuisine of Fiji, which are inspired by the local Indi-Fijian community,. While trying the Fijian taste, don’t forget to try Kava. Kava is a traditional Fijian drink that is like a once in a lifetime because of its strange taste for those, who have never tasted it before.

8. Peace in Fiji

If you are traveling to Fiji to get away from all the chaos in your life, then you are in luck as Fiji is definitely the place to be to relax and discover yourself all over again. Start your day with a yoga session and have a great relaxing massage or even a mud bath later on. You name it, Fiji will have modes of relaxation for you. Before going to Fiji, make sure to save a lot more than what you plan to spend there as being in a first-class hotel will get you a range of relaxation services, such as yoga sessions, spas, and massages.

9. No Disappointments

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When we think of Fiji, we think of the beautiful sand and dreamy beaches. Once you reach there, you will realize that Fiji is much more than just beautiful sandy beaches. As a country that promotes eco-tourism, Fiji is all about making sure that what is natural stays natural and is not messed up by humans. You realize how much you have been missing in life while in Fiji. So much so that your family or friends might have to drag you on that flight back to your homeland! Leaving Fiji with no disappointments is a reason in itself to what makes it a must-visit country for everyone!.
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